Osteopathy treatments in the city of London are a common relief for many individuals in the big smoke.

Whether it’s as simple as pain surfacing from unconsciously hunching throughout the day or something of a more serious nature, osteopaths can ease those large or even little annoyances which interrupt our daily schedule.
If you commonly google ‘osteopaths treatment London’ I’m sure you’ve heard many of the top-line facts about this field of work; however, what you may find surprising is that osteopathy’s holistic approach to healing the body can benefit a broad scale of ailments and people in all different age groups.

While annoyingly, we can’t claim to be magicians or capable of drawing our enchanted wand and performing miracles, we do have some unknown secrets about osteopathy treatment and certain relatively unknown tricks that promote natural healing.
To give you some insight into our own version of a spellbook and highlight some lesser-known facts about the approach, we’ve rounded up the nine most well-guarded secrets about osteopathy.
Osteopathy and self-healing go hand in hand
Healing begins and ends with you. Osteopaths work with their clients to initiate and maintain a self-healing routine, whether that be through exercises, wellness, or even a change of mindset.
Nerves in the body affect digestion
There are specific nerves located along the spine, which actually affect the digestive system. Through massage and other related therapies, osteopaths can help to correct these specific nerve points and get the digestive system back on track, which is especially useful for IBS sufferers.
Bad posture can cause ongoing headaches
Ah, the dreaded headache. Often our posture and screen time are direct culprits of that nagging headache, and since our joints all connect, osteopaths can often pinpoint where in the body the headache is surfacing from and massage through the tense and connecting muscles.
Sleeping better doesn’t always require a visit to the sleep clinic
A misalignment of nerves within the body and the vertebrae can trouble your central nervous system and cause insomnia. Osteopaths can find this source of disruption and use specific techniques to create balance in these specific nerves. They can also suggest the best sleeping positions for particular conditions.
Osteopathy treatment can help to relieve toxins
Releasing toxins can be maintained through massage and therapies like articulation and soft tissue release.
Osteopathy isn’t an ageist treatment, it can benefit babies too
No matter your age, osteopathy can benefit you. Cranial osteopathy can especially help any unsettled babies or babies who’ve had difficult births, specifically by easing their tension and calmly rebalancing the joints in their bodies head to toe.
Vertigo can disappear with a decrease in joint pressure
While osteopathy can’t treat all vertigo conditions, it’s an extremely beneficial solution to Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. Treatments include the alleviation of pressure in the body and balancing of the senses.
The lumbar and pelvic regions can disrupt pelvic floor function
If you’re a woman plagued with pelvic floor issues, I’m sure you’ve researched your fair share of guidance on the topic, and it’s not an easy one to navigate. Osteopaths can look at these related issues and link together their likely culprits, as they use techniques to steady the lumbar, sacral and pelvic areas, which all link back to the functionality of the pelvic floor.
Osteopathy treatment can kickstart your energy engine
When our bodies are in turmoil or a state of discomfort, it’s natural to feel distressed or out of whack. With osteopathy easing painful joints and collectively harmonizing the body, our energy and mood can drastically improve following one or more osteopath sessions.
Now that we’ve divulged our deepest, unexpected and well-guarded osteopathy secrets, we hope that it helps you to seek any relatable guidance from a professional osteopath in the city of London or learn more about the healing journey naturally, so that you can access the right treatment for you and your unique physique.


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