Searching for a physiotherapist clinic in the city of London is becoming a much more common substitute to ringing the doctor for help with repetitive aches.

While a physiotherapist would never tell their patients to avoid a necessary visit to the doctor, physiotherapist clinics in London are keen to educate the general population, so that they can understand the genuinely beneficial techniques, diagnosis capabilities and well-rounded treatment plans that this unique type of therapy offers.
One consistent and frequently complained about pain is felt in the lower back, in fact, the majority of people have experienced or will experience this at some point. Its direct causes or nasty culprits range greatly, but the remedies are sometimes as straightforward as a couple of massages, a few abs strengthening exercises, or a snippet of valuable guidance.

For many lower back pain sufferers, they allow this pain to slowly become a part of their day-to-day until it’s no longer a simple thing to just ignore, especially if it begins to affect sleep patterns, exercise regimes and overall comfortability.
So, don’t hesitate to reach out to a physiotherapist in the city of London or any city near to you. Here’s why:

The movement and performance of your body’s joints and muscles are exactly what physiotherapy clinics in London treat and their goal is to ensure your body maintains an active and healthy mobility. The therapies and techniques used to treat back pain are vast and well-studied, but they also provide precise suggestions or routine changes that are catered to specific individuals.
Listed below are a few of the different lower back pain causes that a physiotherapist can help with.

Low back pain from sitting at a desk

This is one most of us have come to know greatly over the past year. A day spent hunched over your chair and looking down at your laptop, screams trouble.

Degenerative disc disease

This is a condition caused largely by age and the deterioration of the discs between the vertebrae, which a physiotherapist can help to realign and provide ongoing advice for.


This word is rather dreadful to anyone who repeatedly succumbs to this pain, though physiotherapy treatments are proven effective for battling sciatica’s common resurgence.

Muscle spasms

This onset spasm is usually thanks to a day of moving furniture or unconsciously twisting the wrong way, which requires a realignment of the spine or a focus on the affected and connected muscle.

The questionable kind of lower back pain

The truth is, maybe you don’t know what it is or where this pain is coming from, and maybe it just got worse over time or interrupts segments of your day. Either way, a physiotherapist can help you get to the bottom of it and advise on the next steps.
No matter the cause of your lower back pain or the duration in which you’ve experienced it, our physiotherapist clinic in London Bridge, can help to bring some helpful understanding and formulate a plan that works well for you, your budget, and your body. 
Taking care of it and keeping a mobile and healthy existence is an essential facet of life’s longevity and anyone’s state of wellbeing.


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